Experience Happiness From Within
in the Midst of Picturesque Mountains of Chiang Mai

The Middle Way Meditation Retreat would like to welcome you to join our seven-day meditation program near the Obluang National Park in the northern province of Chiang Mai.

Middle Way, The garden of meditation

At the Middle Way Meditation Village, you will find a near-forest environment, a sanctuary for meditators surrounded by picturesque hills and mountainous scenery at 1,120 meters above the sea level. The village offers simple, clean and comfortable accommodation, enabling you to live in close touch with nature.

Middle Way, The garden of meditation


The serenity and natural beauty of the surroundings make the village an ideal place for meditation and conducive for listening to your inner voice that might have been silenced by hectic lifestyles, busy schedules and multiple responsibilities. So, why not give yourself a treat and discover the simple joy, relaxation and life-changing benefits that the Dhammakaya meditation brings?


The Program

Our meditation course is designed to provide balanced mental and body relaxation and fitness. Breathing in the fresh air of the mountains and hearing the birds sing in the morning, you will feel you are one with nature, peaceful, relaxed and refreshed, ready to take on life challenges when you leave our village. And, with meditation lessons from experienced instructors and guided practice, you will gain more mental energy, new insights and, most importantly, inner peace.


Daily Schedule

05.00               Rise
05.30               Meditation Session
06.15               Exercise
07.00               Breakfast
08.30               Morning Chanting (optional)
09.00               Meditation Instruction
09.30               Meditation Session
11.00               Lunch
12.30               Personal time
14.00               Meditation History
15.00               Meditation Session

16.00               Personal Time/Group discussion
17.30               Refreshment
18.30               Evening Chanting (optional)
19.00               Meditation Session
20.00               Dhamma Talk
21.00               Personal Time
21.30               Sleep in Peace

We understand that your time is precious and we try our best to make your seven days at our village most memorable and to help you succeed in meditation. You will have a chance to discuss meditation and related issues with experienced Buddhist monks who will be your instructors and mentors throughout the course.