The Middle Way Meditation Retreat serves traditional Thai food and fruits for buffet breakfast and lunch.  In the evening, we provide refreshment to help your stomach light which will help boosting your progress in meditation. Food is non-vegetarian.  Meals are prepared in a balanced fashion and suitable for meditation. If you have a dietary requirement related to certain illnesses, please inform us in advance (at least 10 days before the first day of the retreat) in the application form which is available on this website in “Online Registration & Payment” section or at our office in downtown Chiang Mai.

“We do serve refreshments such as hot drinks or chocolate instead of dinner. It would make you stomach light in the evening and it will be benefit to your meditation experience.” We do not have cooking facilities at the center. Therefore, they are not permitted to cook.

After meditation sessions and a walk in the woods, you can relax the muscles with warm water. All shower rooms are equipped with water heaters, separated from rest rooms which are cleaned daily.