The Middle Way Meditation Retreat provides each course participant with a spacious, one-person tent to stay throughout the course. These one-person tents are made with sturdy, UV-protectant materials capable of withstanding even continued heavy rain, each measuring 2.40, 2.40 and 1.70 meters in width, length and height respectively.

Middle Way Village : Accommodation

We select tents that are designed with proper ventilation in mind to make sure that our participants have a good night sleep and feel comfortable meditating in the privacy of their tents. When the body is rested, it is easy for the mind to rest and restore its energy through mediation!

Middle Way Village : Accommodation

Men and women have separate quarters. There will be bedding and linens provided. Toilets and hot shower facilities are also provided in a separate area. However, for your comfort, you may wish to bring your own sleeping bag, sheet, towel, and pillow.

The entire village is fenced and there are no big wild animals around so you can take a walk in the pine woods or rest in your tent worry-free. You can feel safe throughout your stay here as our security guards, staff and volunteers are ready to assist you.