Reward Yourself, Relax and Learn

“The Art of Inner Peace”



“After sending loving-kindness to the whole world, I had a vision which was much clearer than a memory or an imagination of an enormous firework going off in some dark void. I immediately knew that this was representative of my loving-kindness being distributed throughout the universe which gave me great peace of mind.”

--- Mr. Jonas Ellenberg from Sweden
“Today my meditation experience was quite good. I felt very relaxed during meditation period. In the afternoon, I could feel myself melting into one piece, like a little box. Tonight, I was feeling sick at the beginning of the meditation, but as I focused on the center, I felt better and better. It seems the meditation cleared my body. Also, I could really concentrate on my body, I didn’t hear or notice anything that was going on around me.”
Sarah Elsing from Germany ---
“I saw a light for the first time I calmly centered myself. I concentrated on spreading the peace, joy, and love within me. It took a little while, but all of the sudden I was hit with a wave of joy so overpowering that I felt two tears roll down my cheeks. I felt light surrounding me like a figure made of light hugging me.”
--- Ms. Danna Cook from USA
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“I visualized a feather and brought it constantly through the seven points. I felt my centre as an expanse of blue sky in which the feather floated. I felt very serene, happy, and unafraid of the solitude, which was great for me as I am usually uncomfortable when I am alone. This is something I would love to conquer.”

Ms. Kate Lambert from Ireland ---
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“This was very nice experience for me. It is easy to relax and find comfort in outdoor environment. My whole body became very light and by the end of the session I couldn’t feel my body. Once the session ended I couldn’t stop smiling for the first 5 minutes.”
--- Mr. Paul Yeaman from Spain

“I was able to meditate through disaffections. I had a mental picture in my head of the top of a waterfall, just where the water spills over the top. Whenever thoughts would begin to enter my mind, I would give them a little mental push over the top of the waterfall, and swoosh. They’d be gone. My body had a really cool feeling of being able to expand from center. I could get really huge.”

Ms. Gabriele Link from Canadian ---