Relax and take a very special weekend,
leave the cares and problems behind,
seek out and experience genuine
“Peace of mind and heart.”

Get away from the bustling crowds and never-ending frantic pace of city life, lies this tranquil beach paradise! Fulfill your precious weekend with the bright and shining sunshine and the coolness of peace and tranquility from meditation


01.00 P.M. Registration
01.30 P.M. Welcome & Opening Orientation
02.00 P.M. Relaxation Exercise
02.15 P.M. Basic Meditation Technique Introduction
02.30 P.M. Sitting Meditation Practice
02.45 P.M. Questions and Answers
02.55 P.M. Closing Remarks
03.00 P.M. The End

Further information, please contact: +66-8-1370-4005