“This retreat has exceeded my objectives. I have learned about Dhamma and meaning of wisdom. From the person who knew nothing about center. Now at least I know what meditation can help me. When you meditate, you will start to know about yourself. You will start spending time with yourself and it is quality time.
Just be patient with yourself,
you will know yourself better,
you will have a balance mind,
and you will feel peaceful
and compassionate.”
Tason Law
IT Manager, Singapore
“In this retreat I was able to take time to relax from a busy life and recharge my batteries. Also, my meditation has progressed. I can relax faster, have had more practice in cleaning mind,
better focus, myself-love, inspired to              meditate more often, feel calmer and more mindful in general.”
Ms. Cendrine Saville
Flight Attendant, New Zealand
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Meditation Testimonials